The Healing Properties of LGD

Earlier this year I tried to reach out to pretty much every orthopedic surgery clinic in Canada that I could find, I did go and see somebody here in Vancouver for a consultation,but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any surgeons in Canada that have operated on this injury specifically, which is important to me because it’s not a small surgery and I need to feel 100% confident if I’m going to go ahead with it. I do know of a few surgeons in the US but it’s just too much of an undertaking right now to try and set that all up. Luckily I found this lgd-4033 review and learn the ligandrol results that this life saving sarm is capable of…

I’m also planning to go traveling early next year which complicates things further, so I do plan on getting the surgery eventually but it’s just something that I’ve had to put on the shelf for now until the time is right. But as a result of this injury, I have not been able to do any free weight pressing whatsoever for the past seven years. No dumbbell presses, no bench press, no overhead press and I’m also really limited on triceps as well, I can’t do any close grip pressing, no narrow grip dips, no overhead extensions,the only exercise I can really do for triceps are rope push downs if I angle myself just right and I keep the loads on the more moderate side.

For chest what I can do are pressing movements using cables, for some reason that doesn’t cause the snapping. Certain machine presses using moderate weight I can also do, and then I can do fly movements as well. And for shoulders lateral raises and face bowls are fine but no overhead pressing, again,unless it’s using cables. And for somebody who’s a bit of a perfectionist and who really does enjoy training, this injury has been extremely frustrating for me at times.

To go from 130 pound flat dumbbell presses and 105 pound overhead dumbbell presses to these just lightweight cable presses and these little fly movements and stuff, really sucks,but I’ve just done the best I can. And I’ve tried to stay as consistent as I can and to work around the injury and to just try and not complain about it. And fortunately even though I can’t train the way that I want to in the gym, in terms of muscle building aesthetics, the exercises that I can do have still been enough to keep my chest and my delts and my triceps in a shape that I’m happy with.

Now, in terms of how I frame this all in my mind in order to keep going forward even with a nagging injury like this, there’s a few things that I find helpful. The first thing is very simple, and that’s to just accept the situation as it is and accept that things are the way they are. You can sit there and you can complain and wish it with some other way, or think you know what if this or what if that, but ultimately the present moment is what it is.

This is how things happen to unfold and there’s nothing you can do to change that. And the only thing you can do is take the variables that are in front of you right now and make the best decisions that you can moving forward. But dwelling on it, feeling sorry for yourself, or whatever, that’s not productive, so you just have to step up pull your shoulders back and just press forward as best you can.

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